Why Crossbow Hunting Is So Popular And What Types Of Crossbow Bolts You Should Use

Bolts For Crossbows

For many different reasons archery has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the past decade. There are several TV shows that display precision bow and arrow shooting, plus there has been a lot of former gun owners switch to bows and arrows to add more challenge to the sport of hunting or even just target practicing. There is definitely a lot more to learn when it comes to archery and crossbow use. Here are some great tips on the types of crossbows and the different crossbow bolts that you can choose from.

Why Many People Enjoy The Challenge Of Bow Hunting

When a rifle hunter sees a deer or other game animal from 200 yards away, there is a slight second or two of aiming, maybe adjust for the wind and distance, then BAM, it’s over. On the other hand, if you are bow hunting or crossbow hunting, you’re going to have to get much, much closer than with a rifle. Not only that, but your shot will have to hit the animal nearly perfectly or you will only wound it.

So once you’ve laid your eyes on the game, you’re going to have to carefully sneak up closer without alerting the animal. This takes far more skill and athletic ability than just firing a high powered rifle. Not only do you have a lot of ground to cover, but you have to be absolutely silent while doing so. Any mistake, however slight, will scare the game and it’ll be miles away by the time you get to where it was when you spotted it.

Why It’s Important To Spend Time Choosing Your Crossbow Bolts

There are certain factors, like the tips on sportsgamesite.com, that can make or break your ability to be successful when crossbow hunting and one of those is choosing the right bolts, or arrows for your bow. The fist thing to do is make sure that you read the instructions to see what length and weight range of bolts are best for the type of crossbow you own. Some bolts are not at all compatible with certain bows, in fact, you could get injured or damage your bow by using the wrong bolts. You’ll need to know the draw weight of your bow, the length of the power stroke, and then the brand of your crossbow as well. This will all be in your instruction manual that came with the bow.

Then you’ll also have to choose the shaft material, aluminum alloy or carbon and then the type of tips. The carbon arrows are much more durable and more expensive. Depending on what you’re doing, you’ll always want to retrieve the carbon bolts because of the price you paid so keep that in mind when shooting in the brush, marsh, or over water.

The points you use are going to vary depending on the target. Some are made for hunting big game and will have razor sharp tips made to pierce tough skin. Other tips are better for target practice and much cheaper to buy. However, each type of tip will shoot differently and you’ll need to practice with your hunting tips to learn how to accurately shoot them eventually.

When choosing tips for the first time, take along an experienced friend that can advise you. Ask lots of questions and maybe visit an online forum to get acquainted with your bow and it’s ammo. After that, you’ll get so you know exactly what works in what types of situations so that you’ll be able to hit your target every time.