Tips For Successful Crossbow Hunting

Crossbow Bear Hunting

When it comes to using a hunting crossbow there are no shortcuts. It is important that you learn how to use the crossbow correctly and that you are comfortable with the device. However, there are some tips that you can consider to help you crossbow hunting become more successful. If you have yet to buy your crossbow then head on over to for some advice.

Practice On A 3-D Target

Practicing on a 2-D target is a good idea when you are trying to get used to the crossbow. However, it is important that you also practice on 3-D targets because the whitetail you look at will not have a bull’s eye on them. Picking the right place to target on a large body can be tricky if you have never practiced. By practicing on a 3-D target you can inspect your bolt impact and see if you are targeting correctly.

Always Range Ahead

To decrease the amount of movement and the time needed before shooting you need to range ahead. Using a rangefinder you can confirm the distance of objects in your shooting lanes. This could be a tree, rock or some flowers and will work as a reference point. You also need to confirm the maximum distance you can shoot so anything within a set zone would be fair game.

Know Your Trigger Pull

When you are looking for accurate and consistent arrow flight you need to know your trigger pull. A slow and gentle squeeze of the trigger can prevent the crossbow pulling off target when you release the arrow. For the greatest consistency, you should use the center of your index finger pad and ensure that it is always on the same spot of the trigger.

Focus The Reticle

Properly focusing your reticle is not that hard and could take less than a minute to do. To do this you need to take a step outside and look for some blue sky that has no clouds. Lift the scope and point it to the sky after you have turned the focus ring all the way out. Look at the sky from the scope for no more than a few seconds and see if the reticle focuses.

You can then turn the focus ring once and repeat the look. You should repeat this procedure until the reticle is perfectly focused.

Practice In Your Hunting Gear

If you are going to be layered in warm clothing while hunting you need to take the time to practice with this clothing on. The extra bulk of the clothing and the limited mobility can completely change how you use your crossbow. Instead of taking the chance when you have game in sight, you should practice to ensure that you arrow delivery is perfect.

Use A Rest

A rest is a shooting stick or bipod which stabilizes the front end of your hunting crossbow. It is recommended that you use one to hold on target better and to decrease fatigue from holding the crossbow. Bipods are mounted to sling swivels, but shooting sticks need to be tested to ensure they do not get in the way.