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Skunk In The Yard

If you have ever woken up listening to the sounds of something chewing in your walls or hearing something running across your ceiling, you could be infested with wildlife. Maybe you noticed the holes under your roof or hear things crawling across the roof at night or in the morning. You may even have heard a raccoon family with their babies fighting at night or crying. Before you let your wildlife issues ruin your life, you need to cal Swat Wildlife and take advantage of their quality wildlife removal service.

Raccoons and skunks are some of the worst wildlife invaders you might have to deal with. Raccoons and skunks like to dig and they will destroy your roof or deck. They have long sharp claws that can dig into walls and they will quickly cause quite a bit of damage to your home.

Raccoons are the worst because they will tend to move into your attic and they can cause a lot of damage to your roof trying to get there. Once inside, they can start digging around and tear up your insulation and even your electrical wiring. They could even cause a fire. Raccoons are also very loud and you can hear them moving around.

Even worse, the raccoons will leave dangerous feces and urine that can make your house start to smell and make people in your family sick. Once the raccoons move in, they will come back year after year until they die. You will be dealing with raccoons for a long time and they will make your life miserable. You want to get rid of them fast.

Swat Wildlife is the right place to call because they use humane methods to remove the raccoons. They aren’t going to kill them or take the mom away from the babies. Once the raccoons are humanely removed, the technicians will inspect your roof and attic and repair the damage. They will also safely remove the droppings and urine.

Once the damage has been repaired and the entry points have been sealed, the raccoons won’t be able to get into your home again and you can relax and enjoy living in a wildlife free home. It can be difficult trying to enjoy your home when wildlife is running around and keeping you up at night.

Skunks can be another big problem in your home. Skunks won’t get into your attic, but they are likely to get under your porch or deck and raise their babies there. Skunks value their territory and to mark it, they will spray just about every night and the odor lingers. You will have a hard time enjoying your yard when it smells like skunk spray.

Skunks and raccoons are annoying and they also cause property damage. If you have them on your property, it is important to get rid of them because they will cause more and more damage and make it harder to enjoy living in your home. Turn to Swat Wildlife for your wildlife removal needs.