Contact Animal Control If You Have A Situation And Need Their Help

Animal Cage Trap

If you see a stray pet, do you look the other way thinking you’re doing the right thing? Calling animal control or the Humane Society in your area might seem like you are taking away the animal’s freedom. We have to help the strays. Cats and dogs have been domesticated, and the world isn’t friendly for them in many places to roam free. They need love, a home, food and shelter.

When you see a stray, it is possible that the animal has a home and can’t get back to it. It’s also possible that the animal hasn’t eaten in awhile. You can ask animal control what happens with animals in your jurisdiction. They. along with the article on, will be very helpful and informative. Maybe you are attempting to get to an animal yourself, and you have questions about animal handling. They might call you off and tell you to wait until they get there.

You can always ask about response time, too. A lot of people also have questions about animal cruelty. There are situations in which animal cruelty is obvious, but then there are also those times when you aren’t sure if what you’re seeing is breaking the law. Anytime a pet is treated badly, it can break your heart though. Some animals are used on farms, while others are pets. You might not know about the care of a particular type of animal but not like what you see. Animal control will handle the situation accordingly once you report to them what is going on.

If there isn’t anything they can do, then at least you will know. If there is something else you yourself could do, maybe animal control would have an idea. Now let’s get back to those strays for a minute. If you join the group of people that are proactive and try to catch the stray dogs and cats they see, then you need to know how to do it safely. You can get that advice from animal control as well, but some of it is going to be discussed here.

It could be that you are an animal’s chance for safety, but that doesn’t mean that the animal knows that. You want to be safe, too. And, you also don’t want to scare the animal, ruining the chance for rescue. Some animals won’t even give you a chance, so you can only do what you can do. Think about the feral cats that will run and hide. You can’t really tame a wild cat as a pet anyway, or at least it’s not advisable to try.

Always remain calm when trying to catch a stray. You can always call animal control if anything gets out of hand, so have your cell handy. Other than that you may have a new pet on your hands if things go well. If you need anything else, animal control will be more than happy to provide whatever assistance is necessary. They are a community resource and serve the community.