What Is The Best Current Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

Healthy Feet

There is a very painful condition that someone can experience which is called Morton’s neuroma. It is felt on your feet, specifically between your third and fourth toes. It may feel as if you were walking along and you are suddenly standing on a pebble that is inside of your shoe. It is a common condition with women that are wearing high heel shoes. What happens is there is a large amount of tissue that builds up around your nerves. This can cause a burning sharp pain right on the ball of your foot. You may also notice that your nerves are going to become worse, leading to numbness. There are ways to eliminate this problem using one of the best current Morton’s neuroma treatments.

How Does It Begin?

This particular condition is the result of too much walking in shoes that place a significant amount of pressure on the ball of your feet. Due to how shoes are worn, it can lead to problems with the nerves around the third and fourth toes. Essentially, it is a problem caused by repetitive motion. The best way to eliminate this problem is to stop walking in high heels, although that may not be the only reason that it starts. Men can also develop this if they are spending a lot of time bouncing on the balls of the feet, such as when they play sports like basketball or tennis, and at some point you need to have this resolved.

How Can You Treat This

You can treat this very easily by getting steroid injections into your toes which might sound like a very painful solution, but it does work with affecting the inflammation. It is also possible that you could be looking at decompression surgery where the actual material that is causing the nerve compression is removed, specifically targeting ligaments in that area. The nerves could also be removed which would solve the problem. If you don’t feel it, you’re not going to worry about it. Finally, you may also want to opt for stem cell therapy which is experimental, but has shown promise in this particular situation.

How Do You Find A Doctor That Can Help You

You can find a doctor from sites like www.niagarahealth.net┬áthat will be more than happy to help you. It’s just going to take a little bit of time to find the right one. You will likely get a recommendation from someone that you know that has gone through the same situation, and they may know who to refer you to. More than likely, you will get a referral from your doctor. They will send you to a specialist that can help with this condition. It really is a condition that needs to be treated as early as possible. Once you have set this up, and the procedure is completed, you will find relief from this very detrimental condition called Morton’s neuroma.

After resolving this, you should have no problem at all fixing this problem. It simply going to be a very difficult thing to live with until you do. You may not be able to walk properly, and once you have discovered how to resolve this issue, you will be very happy that you took the time to speak with the doctor. Even though it may be as simple as changing the shoes that you are wearing, or doing less of the activity that is causing the problem, you may need to go through this treatment in order to resolve this problem that could affect you the rest of your life.