What Can You Do For Sciatic Nerve Relief?

Sciatic Pain

Sciatic nerve pain comes from inflammation and irritation of the nerve roots that are connected to the sciatic nerve. The cause of sciatic nerve pain is commonly from bulging or ruptured disks in the back. The disks will press against the roots causing them to become irritated. In most cases, the pain won’t be a lasting problem. Unfortunately, it can last for a while which can cause a person to look into sciatic nerve relief to help with their pain.

One of the best options to help relieve pain from the sciatic nerve is visiting a chiropractor. Typically, most people will feel the same relief when they visit a chiropractor as they would if they had surgery to repair the problem. In some cases, surgery isn’t an immediate option for people so the therapy can really help to handle the pain until the problem can be fixed. To ensure that the relief lasts, multiple visits will be required until the pain begins to leave. The benefits from visiting a chiropractor can last for up to one year. Around sixty percent of people that tried using a chiropractor for their pain saw relief.

Another option for dealing with sciatic nerve pain is to begin practicing yoga. Yoga doesn’t specifically help to deal with the pain, but the strengthening exercises can ensure good posture which will help to reduce the chances of aggravating the nerve when it’s damaged. The yoga poses will strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and provide relaxation that can help you to deal with the pain. If you’re using yoga to help with sciatic nerve pain, you should avoid doing overly difficult exercises that can add stress to your nerve. You’ll want to focus on gentle, simple moves that can be easily done without running the risk of causing more pain. People that practiced yoga for around four months saw about a 64 percent decrease in pain that they were experiencing.

Massage therapy can help with sciatic nerve relief. In most cases, the muscle that sits over the sciatic nerve can become tight which can increase the pain coming from the sciatic nerve. A massage can help to relief the tension in the other muscle which will reduce the pain felt from the sciatic nerve. The massage therapist will perform deep, area specific massage techniques to relief the stress from the nerve outside the sciatic nerve. Typically, the massages will be about a week apart. If you have a few sessions and aren’t seeing any pain relief, your massage therapist may have you move on to another method to help you deal with your pain apart from just a massage.

Dealing with sciatic nerve pain can be very discouraging over time if you’re not having any relief. While surgery is sometimes an option, there may be times when it’s not or won’t be happening quick enough. The other methods for pain relief can really help to reduce the amount of pain you deal with before you get your surgery or if you plan to not have surgery at all.