The Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Bottle of Eucalyptus Oil

Where does eucalyptus oil come from? From Eucalyptus tree of course! This oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and used for different purposes. Its mint like quality makes it ideal for use in candy, toothpaste, throat drops and some cough medicines especially those used for pain relief.

Apart from these, it also has insect repellent properties that make it a good natural option for outdoor use. There are very many benefits associated with eucalyptus oil. It can heal infections including staphylococcus, respiratory tract infections, and streptococcus.

Other benefits include preventing and reducing acne, settling stomach upsets, stimulating appetite. It is good for the liver, gallbladder and stimulates blood flow.

Health benefits of eucalyptus oil

Respiratory problems

It can help those suffering from whooping cough, pulmonary tuberculosis, and asthma. This is due to the fact that eucalyptus oil contains strong anti-inflammatory and decongestant qualities. Other benefits include preventing and reducing acne, settling stomach upsets, stimulating appetite. It is good for the liver, gallbladder and stimulates blood flow.

Pain relief

Because of its pain relief properties, it can be used by those suffering from osteoarthritis, arthritis, and joint pain.

Fever and flu

Eucalyptus oil was and is still used as a remedy to relieve fevers caused by infectious diseases. The oil also helps improve the lung function and reduce phlegm. This reduces symptoms and effects associated with common cold, flu and sinus infections.

Muscle pain

Eucalyptus oil is a popular form of massage treatment used to relieve muscle pain and stress. It helps to alleviate and soothe tense muscles, stiffness and more serious conditions like sprained ankles and nerve pain. Massaging the oil over the affected area will provide an almost immediate relief.

For Hair

Eucalyptus can also help your hair. What you have to do is to massage directly into your scalp and it helps stimulate blood flow. This will help prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. Even though it may not be the most used type of oil for the hair, it can be very beneficial to your hair.


Eucalyptus oil usually has strong germicidal qualities meaning that it can fight and kill bacteria. Using this oil on a regular basis will help prevent the buildup of bacteria hence preventing the formation of cavities. This will help keep your mouth clean and odorless.

Wounds and bites

Eucalyptus oil has powerful antiseptic qualities which enable it to treat wounds, stings, insect bites, burns, and rashes. This is why it is very effective when used and an insect repellent. If you want to treat wounds, just apply a few drops of the oil to the bandage or dressing before covering the affected area.


Eucalyptus oil ( can stimulate the nervous system and promote concentration, improve ability to stay alert and focussed. This oil has a calming effect and helps revitalize the mind, body, and soul. Because of its rejuvenating qualities, it can relieve mental fatigue, tiredness, and lethargy.

Eucalyptus Polybractea or Blue Malle eucalyptus is the species that contains the highest amount of Cineole. This species is only found in Australia and produces the best eucalyptus oil which is particularly good with pain relief and soothing joint pain and arthritis symptoms.