The Benefits Of Probiotics For Kids

Kids Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics are not something that is solely for adults. Giving your children probiotics can help them in a number of different ways. If you are unsure about this then you should consider all of the benefits that probiotics offer to children.

Helps With Acid Reflux

A study done in 2001 found that babies who are given probiotics showed a reduction in reflux symptoms and episodes where they spit up. This was compared to the infants in the study who were not given probiotics. This left a conclusion that specific probiotics could help the digestion of food in infants which leaves the stomach emptier and less likely to cause acid reflux.

Helps With Constipation

As with adults the use of probiotics can help children who are suffering from constipation. The results of an Italian study suggest that chronic constipation can be improved through the regular use of probiotics by children. The children who were given probiotics also found that they had more frequent bowel movements. The PAC Corrective Knowledge Health website goes into a deeper understanding.

Diaper Rash And Yeast

Some types of diaper rash are actually caused by diaper thrush or yeast. These rashes can be both painful to the baby and hard to get rid of. While probiotics are not able to cure the yeast infection they will help to prevent it or help your child overcome the infection faster. If your baby has a yeast infection then you need to provide probiotics that help to suppress the growth of yeast.

This type of rash will often come when your baby has been given a round of antibiotics. This is why you should start giving them probiotics as soon as the antibiotic round is over. This will help to prevent the yeast infection from forming at all.

Infant Eczema

Since 2000 there have been a number of studies looking into the use of probiotics to help soothe infant eczema. Eczema is more common in children who have allergies and at least 2 studies have shown that taking probiotics daily can reduce the symptoms. In some of the studies, infants saw a clearing of the symptoms of eczema through probiotic use.

Colic And Gas

Colic and the associated gas have been found to be helped by the use of certain probiotics. A study in a 2007 edition of the journal Pediatrics showed this to be the case. The probiotics will help to balance the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. This will help to reduce inflammation of the intestines which is a contributing factor to colic.

Ear And Urinary Tract Infections

While studies have been done on the use of probiotics to help with urinary tract and ear infections, there is not enough evidence to determine if there is a link. However, in most instances, your child will be given a round of antibiotics to treat these infections. If this is the case you should start a treatment of probiotics after the round has finished to prevent diarrhea and yeast infections which are common after this.