Stop The Pain With Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatments


Sciatica is very painful and it can make it difficult to walk and move around. The sciatic nerve runs down your entire leg and when this nerve becomes irritated or inflamed, it causes intense pain. You may have a hard time walking or moving the affected leg. If you have sciatic nerve pain, it is important to start getting treatment for it.

Sciatica usually only affects one leg and the pain often feels worse when you are sitting. The pain can vary. Sometimes it is a searing pain and sometimes your leg just aches. The pain runs down your entire leg and sometimes you can even feel it in your feet. The pain can be so bad that you can’t even stand up. It can incapacitate you.

The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in the human body and it branches out from the spine. When the nerve gets pinched or compressed near the spine, it becomes inflamed and you feel the pain. Your chances of developing sciatica go up as you get older and being overweight can also increase your chances of getting sciatica. Sciatica will usually improve after a few weeks, but if you have recurring bouts of sciatica then you might want to get treatment.

If you have problems with the discs in your back, you are more likely to end up with sciatica because herniated and bulging discs can irritate the nerve. Sometimes your sciatica becomes chronic and gets worse instead of getting better. When you are thinking about getting treatment for your sciatica, you want to start with natural treatments. Heat and ice are good natural treatments and they can help stop the pain and inflammation of sciatica. It is good to experiment with both heat and ice when you are doing self care for your sciatica.

You can also get relief for your sciatic pain with over the counter pain medication. Stick with anti-inflammatory drugs that will reduce inflammation and pain. Chiropractic techniques can be very helpful when dealing with sciatica and so can acupuncture if you are interested in alternative treatments. Massage therapy can also help.

Sometimes your sciatica won’t get better no matter what you do and you need to start doing physical therapy and exercise. There are certain exercises you can do that can help strengthen your back and relieve your sciatica pain. Your physical therapist can help you design a custom treatment plan that is going to help to reduce your back pain.

If physical therapy doesn’t work, your last option is going to be surgery as or other treatments that you can learn more about on Surgery should only be used as a last resort because it has risks and if anything goes wrong, you could be in a worse position than you would have been without having had the surgery. You will face a long recovery time if you have the surgery and there is a 10 percent chance of not getting any relief from the surgery. Make sure to look at all your alternatives when you are looking for sciatica relief.