Benefits Of Stem Cell Knee Injections

Bent Knee

If you have been dealing with knee pain for sometime now it is important to know that you are not alone. It can take years to find the right solution for each individual. This can range from physical therapy to surgery, which of course is the absolute last resort that you would want to accept. Fortunately, as technology continues to improve with scientific advancements there may be a major option that you have not yet considered, which is stem cell knee injections.

These injections are relatively new, but not so knew that you need to concern yourself with the idea that there could be catastrophic side effects. They are past the trial stage and have been proven to be very effective for patients and have a very low risk of any side effects. In fact, when compared to a number of the other options available, they are actually believed to be safer and more effective.

Typically the process of obtaining the stem cells is through fat cells. These are usually removed from your abdomen or thigh where they are most easily obtained. The tissue that is removed is then process through a number of steps to separate the stem cells from the other organic matter. The cells are then injected into the joint that is of concern, which in this case is the knee. The result then is that the stem cells go to work to help rebuild lost tissue that helps to protect the parts of the joints from rubbing against each other. This is an oversimplification to give an idea of how the process works.

This really has been considered a near miracle for those that have suffered in pain for a number of years and are not eligible for surgery or simply do not want to have it done. It is, however, something that is considered once other avenues are addressed such as physical therapy and cortisone shots. It is part of a complete process of healing the joint in the least invasive manner possible.

One of the major benefits of stem cell knee injections, which has a nice piece on, is the fact that there is very little if any down time after the procedure is performed. Unlike knee replacement surgery, which can take many weeks to heal depending on your age and overall health, this procedure allows you to walk out of the office the same day. Some patients report pain and swelling after the procedure but this typically goes away within a few hours to a couple days at most. Once the initial shock to the body wears off many report feeling improvement in a rather short time period.

It is important to note that stem cell therapy is not for everyone. While there is a rather low rejection rate, it does occur. The key is knowing that this may be an option for you and discussing it with the appropriate health professionals. You can only find out if it is an option for you if you have the information that you need.