Fort Lauderdale – Italian Restaurants You Can Enjoy

Italian Restaurant Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a place that a lot of people travel to, but most of the time when they go to Fort Lauderdale it is not because of the food being so great that they cannot resist it. Usually it is because they want to escape and melt into paradise without having to deal with the headache of Miami. The main headache that you may have is trying to find the best place to sit down and eat at. This is when you should know about the best Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale to make your trip enjoyable, but also less hungry.

Cafe Vico Restaurant is one of the best Italian places that you can stop at for a bite to eat. This restaurant is not located right on the water, but it is very close to it. However, it does have some of the best Italian food that you can find on the planet outside of Italy. Throw in the fact the location is also going to cover the Northern Italian menu more than the rest of the country and it will make it easier for you to have a different style of Italian food than what you are used to even.

Il Mulino may not seem like it is an easy name to say. However, you will want to learn how to say it before you arrive in Fort Lauderdale so you can ask for directions on how to get to the location. The restaurant is well known in the area for the handmade pastas they have, but also for the fantastic flat breads they have on the menus as well. Either way pasta or bread makes this a place that you will really love going to and stopping at to visit.

La Dolce Vita is another place that will amaze you with the Italian food they serve. While the food is not really from the Southern part of Italy that a lot of people are familiar with, it comes from the Northern part of the country as well. This means you will have a chance to get some of the same great foods that you have heard about, but in a different style. This location is a great one to try because of the great food options that are on the menu, but also because it will be easier for you to have the food that you will find more filling and ready to keep your stomach bursting.

Fort Lauderdale is not a place that you would think about for Italian food. However, you need to realize this is a place that has some of the best Italian restaurants around. You just have to try to find the best ones. Thankfully, you have found the site here and know that it is going to steer you to the best Italian restaurants to enjoy. Then you can finally sit down at the table after a long day at the beach and enjoy the food that is fresh and refreshing.

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