Buy Organic Fair Trade Coffee And Enjoy Your Morning Cup Of Joe

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Are you looking for a way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and still help protect the environment and support hard-working individuals who grow and harvest the coffee beans? Buying certified organic fair trade coffee is the best way to meet all of these goals. This type of organic coffee is grown with environmentally sound methods and the monies from the coffee actually reach the families who grow the beans. Under the Fair Trade Act, coffee grown by the farming cooperatives is purchased directly from them. This eliminates the middleman and the farmers are paid directly for their product.

Fairtrade coffee and organic coffee are two different things and when combined, provide buyers the ability to purchase great coffee that is produced with safe organic growing methods and return the proceeds directly to the farmers. This is a win-win for everyone.

Fair trade is the name of a social program directed at helping small business owners and farmers in developing countries. The goal is to ensure these individuals receive fair compensation for their products and to promote sustainable farming. Those who support the program advocate for higher export prices which in turn support environmental and social improvements in the countries.

The movement is typically focused on certain commodities which are the prime exports of developing countries and which have a domestic market in North America and Europe. These products include cocoa, coffee, handicrafts, sugar, wine, chocolate, gold, fresh fruit, and flowers.

When it comes to coffee, the stamp that says Fair Trade means the coffee is produced according to certain standards. These standards are designed to promote environmental sustainability as well as ensuring the individuals who grew and produced the coffee are compensated fairly. In the United States, Fair Trade certification is done by Fair Trade USA, a non-profit organization that inspects and certifies all fair trade products.

In recent years, Fair Trade certification has experienced some controversy. Fair Trade USA changed its policies and is now willing to certify both small, individual producers, but also the large plantations that are their immediate competition. This has caused a great deal of concern among advocates who believe the original principles of Fair Trade are being undermined by these decisions.

When it comes to fair trade organic coffee, it is still better to purchase coffee with the certified Fair Trade stamp and refers to the right stores for this. There are many benefits to drinking this type of coffee. First, it simply tastes better. The true flavors of the coffee come through and it is much less bitter. There are also no pesticides in organic coffee. This alone should make the decision an easy one. The price is also fair and it’s a good feeling to know the monies are returned to the farmers and not paid to large conglomerates or corporations.

In the United States, organic certification is done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Coffee sold in the U.S. as organic has been grown with environmentally safe methods. This type of coffee is also the healthiest, so if you must drink coffee, choose organic fair trade coffee.